Julie Tarazona

It is exciting to see so many people passionately seeking a change for their life!

About Me:

I was born in Valencia, Spain,  and want to share with you how I ended up becoming an International Life Coach. Everything you go through, is connected and gearing you towards your journey! Do you know that you are exactly where you need to be, and that this is your moment of transformation? Decisions shape the direction and course of our lives. When I was 10 years old, my dad; a musician for Julio Iglesias (Enrique Iglesias’ dad for those of you that are younger) told us we were moving from Spain to the United States. I didn’t know at that time how that move…how that decision, would impact my life.  My mother Maria, which had studied accounting in Paris and met my dad through her cousin in Spain, did not know English, and knew no one in this country. She is a fierce and courageous woman, and never doubted the decision to come overseas even though that meant leaving her family behind.  When we got to the US,  my dad was often on tour with Julio Iglesias and my mom stayed home with my sister and I, while selling clothes, jewelry, and anything entrepreneur she could find, to work from home.  The reason why I share this with you,  is because the person I am today, is a direct reflection of what I saw growing up.


A fierce woman (my mom) with no fear of the unknown, and a brave man (my dad) who took a risk with his family to strive for a better future in another country. My passion became helping people while I was growing up,  and while in college, I decided to become a school teacher. I realized, while I did my internship, that I could help even more, if I dedicated myself to helping children with disabilities.  What I wanted for me, and for those around me, was to leave a mark or impression on others. This became my motor at the time. Helping others. I learned patience, drive, compassion, communication and commitment.

I dated my then boyfriend while in school, and working for Miami Dade County Public Schools. We got married eventually, and had two beautiful children, Lucia and Lucas, which you will read about in some of the Blogs.  As my marriage started failing, I left the school system and helped my ex-husband build his dream company. I still wanted to work on my marriage, on our company, and also make my own income on the side. I started working for the first time in my life,  for a Multi-Level Marketing Company, Mary Kay Cosmetics.  It is here where I earned three career cars and excelled in a short period of time. It is here where I learned many life lessons about personal development, drive, goal setting, sales, marketing and dreaming big. It is via MK that I met five of my best friends today (who are no longer in the business either).  After I lost one of my career cars for not meeting production, I had to step down as a director.  It was here where I felt like my world was crumbling down.

My marriage was not what I envisioned for several reasons, my business had failed, they had picked up my “career” car from my front door with a tow truck, and now I had to admit to everyone around me that “I failed”. Little did I know that things were not happening TO ME but FOR ME.  I had gained a significant amount of weight, and decided to start consuming protein shakes that my sister and her husband were consuming and selling,  and I lost 13 inches in one week and people started asking me what I was doing.  I loved being an entrepreneur with MK so I decided why not, I can help people lose weight as well.  I started my journey with Herbalife International, and much to my surprise, started moving up the career ladder rather quickly. I even started building a team of distributors in Spain which to date are still thriving. On September 15th, 2017 I left my home. The only home I ever knew in my adult life…with my children, my dogs and a U-haul truck. I was scared shitless. Our marriage had turned into a battlefield, and none of us were happy. I had seen what a successful and loving marriage should be like, and I knew that if we had lost respect, we had lost everything. The fighting became unbearable, I was frequently crying, started having anxiety attacks and I was always praying for discernment. I was scared to leave because I had been told on many occasions that I would never find happiness elsewhere. I was told that I was too old to find love again. I did it anyway. I risked it. I made a decision.

I started working for Miami Dade College, as an ESOL professor in order to keep busy. At MDC,  I had opportunities for speaking at events, motivating students, and reaching out to people to encourage them to pursue their dreams.  I also helped closing deals and marketing our programs to private agencies. This is where I made the decision to get certified as a Coach.  About LIFE, people were coming to me for decision-making all the time.   I certainly knew about BUSINESS decisions, and I knew how to make the difficult choices of whether to go or stay in a difficult RELATIONSHIP.  Raising two teens as a single mom, and being a teacher for over 19 years, I also realized I knew a thing or two about PARENTING and behavior management.

This is the moment I was waiting for. 

This is where I am meant to be. This is my legacy.

Like I shared with you earlier, your destiny is shaped based on the decisions you make.

I had to lose that car, I had to leave my marriage, I had to leave my country, I had to leave my fear, I had to leave my low-self esteem. I had to work on me.

All my gifts and talents were DEVELOPED  because of these difficult decisions I had to make…so…are you ready to put your gifts and talents to use? Are you ready to be coached to the next level? Are you ready to DEVELOP?As a coach I won’t give you advice. I will steer you in the right direction. You are the pilot of your dreams and I am your co-pilot.