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Terms of Use

By using the iCourse Network Platform, you agree to follow the rules and guidelines  designed to make your rights and responsibilities as a user of our platform clear.

iCourse Network’s role as a platform is to provide experts with the tools they need to deliver online course-based coaching businesses. We provide online tools to facilitate the delivery of the content and the relationship between the experts and their clients, but the experts are responsible for managing their content and the relationships with their clients. Experts are responsible for establishing and maintaining a direct relationship with their audience and students. As a platform provider, iCoach Network will not mediate disputes between experts and their clients. iCoach Network cannot provide any support for services or products offered off-platform. Any off-platform services, products, communications, or other parts of the experts business are not eligible for support services.

Experts are responsible for making sure their courses complies with laws and standards that apply to their industry. Experts are expected to include all important terms about the course offering that someone should know before they buy, such as pricing information, how customers can get in touch with you  if they have a questions or run into issues with the content of the course. Experts must provide a description of the content with a clear description of what the content will include.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding an offering on the platform, you should reach out directly to the expert. If you have concerns that someone is violating our Terms of Use, please reach out to to use via email at so that we can review your complaint and take appropriate action, as necessary. If you have technical issues or need assistance troubleshooting the platform, please reach out to us via email so that we can assist you.

Content Backups
iCoach Network Platform is not intended to be used as a backup for your content. All experts and clients are responsible for saving and keeping a copy of all the content uploaded to the platform.

Content availability
Students will have a login account automatically created with an temporary password to access to the courses after purchase. The student will receive an email to change or update their password or can do so by clicking the ACCOUNT button on the top of the page under the settings tab. The paid courses will appear in the Enrolled courses section as soon as the payment has been processed. The course content will remain available online for unlimited use for 6 months from the time of purchase. Experts can give students the option to download all of the content in their course offering if they want the student to unlimited or lifetime access.

Protecting your intellectual property

Understanding that your intellectual property is one of your most valuable assets, we’ve structured our platform to keep your content safe. Nevertheless, there is no way to completely prevent piracy. As an online course business owner, you’re responsible for safeguarding and monitoring the use of your intellectual property by others.

In the event iCoach Network is notified that there is pirated content on the platform, we will promptly remove the infringing material pursuant to our DMCA process. If you discover that someone is displaying your content without your permission on another website, we encourage you to reach out to the website hosting the content, as we are only able to take down material that is on our own platform.

Cancellation and refund policies.

We ask our experts to be transparent about their offerings and to share all relevant information of their course in the introduction section of each course/program so that the clients/students make an educated decision before purchasing a course and that they are delivered the promised content. Students also have the responsibility to understand iCourse Network refund policy. All online courses and downloads are non-refundable. Coaching or consulting sessions are not included in the price of the course(s) and need to be scheduled, billed, and paid for independently and the off-platform transaction is directly between the client the expert. 

No Hateful Conduct, Harassment, bullying, or threats
iCoach Network has a zero tolerance policy for harassment, bullying, or threats. This includes any kind of promotion of violence towards an individual or a group of individuals based on, but not limited to, their gender, religion, race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation or physical or mental ability. We expect our experts and users to be respectful of others and reserve the right to ban any user for violating these policies.

If you’d like to complain about an expert or user, the content provided, or  for violating our terms, please reach out to us for support via email. We will review your complaint and take appropriate action, as necessary.

Data & Privacy Policy

As a student, when you sign up for a course or other offering on the iCourse Network platform, we will collect certain information about you on behalf of the expert whose course you are purchasing. This information is shared with the expert in order for them to provide you with their services. Examples of information collected include your name, email address, purchase confirmation, and course(s) enrolled.

An expert may also directly collect certain personal information from you through their course by directly interacting with you on or off the platform. In these instances, the expert is primarily responsible for how they handle and safeguard your information. Please reach out to the expert if you have questions about how the expert uses your personal information.

We ask you to exercise care in deciding what personal information you choose to share, and refrain from sharing your sensitive personal information and that of others.

Cookies and Analytics

This website uses cookies and other tracking tools to provide you with the best experience. By using our site, you acknowledge that you understand this and are willing to comply with the terms in our policy.

We do not store any payment information on our website. All transactions are powered by WooCommerce and integrated with Stripe using a SSL certificate.